Tuesday, 17 September 2013

17. Audience Research 2


This video shows me and my other group members explaining the qualitative questions in more in depth detail. Our questionnaires found the most favourite pop artists, how many music videos people watched per week, what people expected to see in a music video, what music websites people visited and the most popular way to watch music videos. As a result of these answers we decided that we would use bright colours, location change, costume change, lip syncing and dancing due to the fact that that was most expected in a pop music video.

These results showed that we mostly asked 16-24 aged people. This is most likely because we are all 17 therefore we know more of this age group. This is beneficial for our project due to the fact that pop videos are usually targeted at teenage girls or boys therefore the data we have recieved from the questionnaires is very useful. 

These results showed that the majority of people that answered our questionnaires were from Sutton, this is because our school is set in the Sutton area therefore we know more people from this area. 

The majority of people that we asked were White British this is because London has more White British people than any other ethnicity. This result means that we would most likely have a white British artist in order to appeal to our target audience.

The results of this graph displays the ratio between males and females. 28 males have answered this questionnaire, and 32 females have answered this questionnaire. There is nearly a fifty-fifty split here, which shows that both males and females have enough of an interest in pop music to answer the questionnaire.

When asked about whether they prefer British pop music or American pop music, the results are split in half. Exactly half of the people we asked said British, whilst the other half had responded with American. However, as my group are British, we have more knowledge on British pop music than American pop music, my group thought that it would make more sense to have our pop artist come from Britain, rather than America.

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