Tuesday, 24 September 2013

4. Lyrics Annotation

'It feels so good'
This is the title of the song and indicates a warm and happy atmosphere. The audience immediately have a positive outlook towards the song. This quote questions what 'it' is, is it a person? a situation? or an event?

'Nothing's gonna take this day away'
This is one of the first lines of the song. The fact that it states that nothing is going to ruin that particular day emphasises how 'perfect' the day must be. This reinforces the idea of a warm and happy atmosphere. 

'And now my feet can hardly touch the ground'
This line indicates how happy this day is making them feel. The fact that they are implying that their feet cannot touch the ground suggests that they feel like they are flying and due to the fact that flying is a dream and wish that most people have conveys the idea that this day is something that most wish for.

'Cos the sun is shining, Holiday timing'
This line indicates that the sun is shining which creates an image of a beautiful summers day and the fact that it states 'holiday timing' suggests that people are happy as a result of the holidays, so they have time off work and time off school creating the idea of 'freedom'.

'I needed something to rescue me'
This line implies that before this day something was missing. This line is interesting due to the fact that most girls sing about needing 'someone' mainly a boy however, atomic kitten sing about needed something. This creates an image of strength due to the fact that it suggests that females no longer need to depend on men but can depend on things such as wishes, dreams and days that are remembered.

'I took my cares, And left them all behind'
This line suggests that all the worries and stress that the girls had have been forgotten about and they are just enjoying the day that they have. This reinforces the image of a happy, care-free atmosphere. 

The lyrics are very repetitive which is very stereotypical of a pop song. They want to emphasise the meaning of the song and in this case it being 'a day to remember'. 

These are the annotations that we made for the lyrics as a group. We underlined key words which we believed were the main focus of the song such as 'wonderful' and 'needed'.

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