Tuesday, 10 September 2013

10. Genre Research 1

Pop artists like to be seen as 'perfect'. They want to be what their audience members look up to and aspire to be like. Female artists want to be the ideal role model that all teenage girls aspire to be like and additionally an image that teenage boys like. Male artists want to create an image of strength and romance, they want to be 'the perfect boy' that all teenage girls would love to have in their lives. Furthermore, pop bands want to create an image of friendship and show their strong connection through both their music and their image, pop bands will dress similarly to show the 'latest fashion trend' and to show their similarities. Additionally, pop artists will wear bright colours to create that 'happy,exciting atmosphere' that everyone wants to be part of. Female pop artists wear a large amount of make up in order to assure that their complexion is 'perfect'. Some pop artists wear fashionable items such as hats, glasses or accessories in order to exaggerate a certain fashion trend. Additionally  they may want to be different to other pop artists. 

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