Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Construction Day 10

Today we worked on our digipak. We focused more on our cd album. We all had a number of different ideas but we believed that for the front of our cd cover we should use a picture of all three members of the band as they were the primary focus of the album. We decided to use an image that we took in London. It showed all three girls lying on green grass and facing up towards the camera and smiling. We all look happy and the image is vibrant which links to our main concept of colour.

We then had to choose a font. We decided on using a font which incorporated hearts as we wanted to create a happy and loving atmosphere. Additionally, girls stereotypically doodle small hearts so we wanted to make sure we were targeting the most appropriate audience.

We then found an image of Libby's that she had taken on a plane of the clouds. This was ideal for our album cover and we planned to put it on the back of the cover. This would mean that on the front of the album is the girls facing up and the back of the cover is what the girls are potentially looking at. We then used a serif bold font to create the names of the songs on the album. 

First Draft Music Video

 This is our first draft of our music video.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Construction Day 9

Today we decided to reshoot our close ups of our members due to the fact that the first shots were unfocused and so we decided not to use them in our first draft. Close ups are very conventional for a pop girl music video and so we felt it would look more conventional if we used close ups. Choosing to use the green screen again could caused problems due to the fact that it takes up a lot of time and a lot of space however, we felt we had to, to create the most successful outcome in our video. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Construction Day 8

Today our group tried using the Sixteen Point Garbage Matte, however it was unsuccessful due to the type of green screen we had used.

However, our group did use ProcAmp to modify the colour of the background for all of the clips. We dragged the ProcAmp effect onto the green screen colour and adjusted it. In Libby's green-screen, the creases in the background have gone due to the fact that we increased the saturation, brightness and contrast. This had made the clip look a lot more professional and brighter which is ideal for our stereotypical pop girl band.

Unfortunately, mine and Maddies green screens did not result in as much as a clear outcome as Libbys. As a result, we need to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation more on these clips. The green screens are one of our most frequent type of shots during our videos and so we want them to look as successful and vibrant as possible. 

We also added ProcAmp to our other shots including our cutaways. Due to the fact that we have had to film in Autumn the weather has not been ideal for our particular ideas and concept so we added ProcAmp to try and portray a more 'sunny day'. These other clips now look a lot more vibrant than before by adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of shadows and green screen group mid shot caused ProcAmp was unable to make it a clear, vibrant background. We have adjusted it as much as we can. However, it is not as successful as we would like it so to improve we will be reshooting this shot.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Construction Day Seven

We have continued to edit over the past week due to the fact that we feel that the editing is not quick enough and we want it o be quick in order to link to our genre of pop. We have been researching into other pop music videos such as 'Move by Little Mix' (seen below) and realised that we need to cut more and show a variety of different shots. In 'Move' there is a different shot practically every second whereas some of our shots last up to four seconds. Our research has also indicated that we need more close ups so we are planning to film close ups of all three girl members individually.