Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Construction Day 10

Today we worked on our digipak. We focused more on our cd album. We all had a number of different ideas but we believed that for the front of our cd cover we should use a picture of all three members of the band as they were the primary focus of the album. We decided to use an image that we took in London. It showed all three girls lying on green grass and facing up towards the camera and smiling. We all look happy and the image is vibrant which links to our main concept of colour.

We then had to choose a font. We decided on using a font which incorporated hearts as we wanted to create a happy and loving atmosphere. Additionally, girls stereotypically doodle small hearts so we wanted to make sure we were targeting the most appropriate audience.

We then found an image of Libby's that she had taken on a plane of the clouds. This was ideal for our album cover and we planned to put it on the back of the cover. This would mean that on the front of the album is the girls facing up and the back of the cover is what the girls are potentially looking at. We then used a serif bold font to create the names of the songs on the album. 

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