Monday, 21 October 2013

15. Talent release forms

Talent release forms are used in order to justify the fact that an individual as allowed themselves to be shown in a video. Me, Libby and Maddie have all signed our own talent release forms due to the fact that we are allowing ourselves to be shown in the music video. If a talent release form has not been completed a company can be sued. 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

12. Advert designs

This is my advert design  I have positioned all members of the group in the centre to highlight their importance and high status within the album and perhaps the music industry. I have placed the name of the group at the top and the name of the album in the bottom to indicate they are both needed to create the group,(in the middle) I have used bright colours as a background to create the idea of a rainbow, therefore happiness and pleasure and also due to the fact that our concept is colour. I have wrote Miss Melody is elegant handwriting to indicate the female power withiin the group. 

This is Charlies advert design. He has also positioned all three girls in the centre in order to emphasise their high status and importance within both the album and perhaps the music industry. He has created the three girls members as wearing bright and vibrant clothing in order to indicate our concept of colour. Additionally, all thee girls are holding hands to suggest that they have a strong bond within both their friendship and their band. He has used different coloured fonts to reinforce the concept of colour and has used bubble writing to create a friendly, girly atmosphere.

This is Libby's advert design. She has positioned all three girls in the centre in the centre of the image but she chose to have the girls more close to the camera perhaps to emphasise their clothing, facial expressions or body language. Additionally, this could be to suggest their big impact? The name of the band is in an italic, girly font to highlight that the album is targeted towards females. The girls have been placed on a white background to emphasise their bright and vibrant clothing. 

Friday, 18 October 2013

14. Location Permission Letter

These are emails my group has sent to Morden Hall Park, London South Bank and Brighton, the locations we're planning to use for our music video. A location permission letter is needed to gain permission from the places we're planning to film in to avoid issues with when filming our music video.

16. Track Permission Letter

These are emails my group has sent to EMI, Innocent Records and Virgin Records, the record labels who have signed Atomic Kitten. A track permission letter is needed to gain permission from the record label to avoid copyright issues with the label, so we are able to film our music video without hassle.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

11. CD cover designs

This was my CD cover design plan. I focused on the idea of colour and freedom. I named the album released to create the idea of being let free. I used a balloon prop frequently as it can portray the image of freedom easily. I used bright colours to emphasize our concept and showed all three artists due to the fact that it is very stereotypical for a pop CD.

This is Charlie's choice for a CD cover. He has focused on the idea of flashing lights and bright colours to emphasise the boldness and bright and positive attitudes of the band. The bright lights could also suggest a 'red carpet image' which as a result suggests the idea of fame. 

This is Libby's idea for a CD cover. She has focused on the idea of bright patterns such as the polka dots. Additionally, she has used images which portray females very stereotypically such as lips with lip-gloss or lipstick on and painted nails. 

All our ideas features all three members of the band and focus on the idea of bright colours and bright patterns. We have now decided to change the name of our band from Threedom to Miss Melody, as it relates to music, has catchy alliteration and sounds innocent.

10. Shooting Schedule

This is my group's shooting schedule. We plan on using this to help us remember what days we are shooting, where to shoot, what to use for props/costumes and what to use as equipment. The shooting schedule will be useful as we will be able to look back at it and organise our times correctly. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

9. Location Shots

The first shots will be showing each girl waking up to a 'new day'. Each girl will wake up in a bright-coloured stereotypical girls room pink, tidy etc. These shots and this location helps introduce the characters and creates ideas for their individual personalities. We will add stereotypical props to reinforce the idea of a young teenage girls room for example, make up, straighteners and photo frames. The bright colours within each room introduce our concept of colour.



My group are planning on using the bridge in the music video, as that will be the location where the girls in my group's pop band will meet up, just before they begin lip-syncing to the song. We plan to film shots that feature the bridge early in the morning, as that is the most likely time where the sun will be shining, making the day brighter. This is good for a conventional pop music video, as brightness and vibrancy are typically featured in conventional music videos. The fact that the girls are being shown meeting up with one another creates the idea of their close friendship.

We are planning to use London as one of our locations due to the fact that London represents energy and excitement so we thought it would be the perfect place to portray 'the best day'. London is full of trees and colour so we thought this would reinforce our concept of colour. Additionally, we would use London as a location during the night due to the fact that London 'lights up' at night with the London eye, tree lights and carousel etc.

Additionally, we are planning to use Brighton as one of our locations due the fact that Brighton is a happy and exciting environment. Furthermore, Brighton is full of vibrant and brightly coloured attractions. We would be using both the beach and the pier and would emphasise the carousel and the helter skelter.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8. Lists of Props. Costumes, make-up and equipment.

  • Bright colours
  • Slim fitting
  • Shows skin 
  • Different colour themes to one another 
  • Vibrant patterns   
  • Disco pants
  • Crop tops

    Artists that have influenced us include Atomic Kitten and The Saturdays.

  • Candy floss
  • Hairbrush
  • Lipgloss/Lipstick 
  • Mascara
  • Digital camera
  • Map 
  • Mirror
  • Bed cover

  • Bright lipstick
  • Thin mascara
  • Blusher
  • Bright coloured nail varnish

Test shots

These are test shots that we filmed in order to experiment with angles and colour. We filmed using our first location which is the bridge where we will be showing the sunset. We filmed myself and Libby meeting up. We increased both the contrast and saturation in order to emphasise our concept of colour and to create a happy atmosphere. 

This is our updated version of our test shots. This now features the soundtrack for our music video in order to create a more realistic aspect for our music video.

7. Storyboards

This is our anamatic of our storyboards. The purpose of story boarding and creating an animatic is so that we know exactly what shot comes at which point in the song. It will also help us be certain of our locations and costumes. Additionally, it will help us allocate shot transitions to the right beat. 

This is our final Animatic storyboard. We improved this by adding more creative shot angles, and also making sure that the editing was cut to beat

Our music video will feature a higher quality version of "Feel's So Good".