Saturday, 6 July 2013

2. Analysis of pop music video

I have chosen Bridgit Mendlers 'Ready or Not' music video due to the fact that it is very stereotypical of a pop music video. The video shows Bridgit being a typical teenager and enjoying herself with her friends. 
This clip is when the lyrics begin and shows two different scenes. One scene showing Bridgit lip syncing the lyrics of the song whilst wearing a pair of sunglasses. Bridgit is shown using mainly close ups so that the audience focus on her more and to show that she is staring into the camera, therefore making the audience feel more involved. She has been placed on a hill with a view of a large number of buildings. This location suggests that she is away from all the 'drama' and 'pressure' that sometimes occurs in a city and that she is just enjoying being a teenager and having freedom. The other scene that we see shows two leaders of a scavenger hunt beginning a scavenger hunt for a group of teenagers. I believe this implies that even teenagers enjoy doing child-like activities, whether they want to admit it or not. This is an interesting part to the music video as it starts off the idea and concept of the video and introduces the location and main performer. 
This clip is one of my favourites. It shows Bridgit now with the original teenagers that were playing the scavenger hunt. It shows them all running around, driving , taking photos whilst participating in the scavenger hunt. Each teenager looks like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves which creates a warm atmosphere. This clip cross cuts between Bridgit Mendler singing directly into the camera with no other characters in sight and the narrative shots showing all the teenagers (including Bridgit) participating in the scavenger hunt. I like this clip because it shows a variety of different locations. 
This clip shows the end of the scavenger hunt and shows the group of teenagers giving the evidence in. The two team leaders then let off a sparkler to symbolize a celebration. Bridgit frequently makes eye contact with the audience which creates that 'stereotypical' sexy look that most female performers try to create.
This music video is a promotional video due to the fact that Bridgit is a good female performer. Her lip syncing is perfect timing and she frequently interacts with the audience by staring directly into the camera. This video fits the genre of pop due to its stereotypical conventions. For example, throughout the whole video it cross cuts between Bridgit performing as an individual and lip syncing to the narrative of the group of teenagers participating in the scavenger hunt. 

Another example is the change of location, the location of both Bridgit and the group of teenagers changes throughout which is very stereotypical of a pop music video.

Furthermore, Bridgit frequently stares into the camera to create more involvement for the audience which again is very stereotypical of a pop music video.