Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Construction Day 10

Today we worked on our digipak. We focused more on our cd album. We all had a number of different ideas but we believed that for the front of our cd cover we should use a picture of all three members of the band as they were the primary focus of the album. We decided to use an image that we took in London. It showed all three girls lying on green grass and facing up towards the camera and smiling. We all look happy and the image is vibrant which links to our main concept of colour.

We then had to choose a font. We decided on using a font which incorporated hearts as we wanted to create a happy and loving atmosphere. Additionally, girls stereotypically doodle small hearts so we wanted to make sure we were targeting the most appropriate audience.

We then found an image of Libby's that she had taken on a plane of the clouds. This was ideal for our album cover and we planned to put it on the back of the cover. This would mean that on the front of the album is the girls facing up and the back of the cover is what the girls are potentially looking at. We then used a serif bold font to create the names of the songs on the album. 

First Draft Music Video

 This is our first draft of our music video.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Construction Day 9

Today we decided to reshoot our close ups of our members due to the fact that the first shots were unfocused and so we decided not to use them in our first draft. Close ups are very conventional for a pop girl music video and so we felt it would look more conventional if we used close ups. Choosing to use the green screen again could caused problems due to the fact that it takes up a lot of time and a lot of space however, we felt we had to, to create the most successful outcome in our video. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Construction Day 8

Today our group tried using the Sixteen Point Garbage Matte, however it was unsuccessful due to the type of green screen we had used.

However, our group did use ProcAmp to modify the colour of the background for all of the clips. We dragged the ProcAmp effect onto the green screen colour and adjusted it. In Libby's green-screen, the creases in the background have gone due to the fact that we increased the saturation, brightness and contrast. This had made the clip look a lot more professional and brighter which is ideal for our stereotypical pop girl band.

Unfortunately, mine and Maddies green screens did not result in as much as a clear outcome as Libbys. As a result, we need to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation more on these clips. The green screens are one of our most frequent type of shots during our videos and so we want them to look as successful and vibrant as possible. 

We also added ProcAmp to our other shots including our cutaways. Due to the fact that we have had to film in Autumn the weather has not been ideal for our particular ideas and concept so we added ProcAmp to try and portray a more 'sunny day'. These other clips now look a lot more vibrant than before by adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of shadows and green screen group mid shot caused ProcAmp was unable to make it a clear, vibrant background. We have adjusted it as much as we can. However, it is not as successful as we would like it so to improve we will be reshooting this shot.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Construction Day Seven

We have continued to edit over the past week due to the fact that we feel that the editing is not quick enough and we want it o be quick in order to link to our genre of pop. We have been researching into other pop music videos such as 'Move by Little Mix' (seen below) and realised that we need to cut more and show a variety of different shots. In 'Move' there is a different shot practically every second whereas some of our shots last up to four seconds. Our research has also indicated that we need more close ups so we are planning to film close ups of all three girl members individually.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Construction - Editing

Premiere pro was new to all of us in our group and so we were both nervous and excited to use it. We have found it easier than final cut due to the fact that you don't have to render after every edit which saves a lot of time. When we first used it we had a few problems as it shut down accidentally a few numbers of time.  We found cutting and moving clips fairly easy as you can easily cut by pressing c. Syncing with the music has been difficult at times due to the fact that you have to be very precise otherwise it looks inaccurate.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Construction Day Five

We took this photo for the cd cover as we believe it is very stereotypical for a pop girl band. We are all lying close in order to create the theme of friendship. I think that an interesting outcome this photo has, is that all our hair links together which suggests a strong bond between all three girls. The grass emphasises our main concept of colour due to the fact that it is bright and stands out.
This is an image of London, we chose London because it has a busy and vibrant atmosphere. It is full of colour and inspiration which is exactly what our song is all about. Fortunately, the day we filmed was perfect weather for our song as you can see from this photo.

These are two images that we could potentially use for our advert design. Both photos show all three girls members with direct eye contact to the camera which creates a connection to the audience. All girls are smiling which creates the idea of a happy and upbeat album. Additionally, the London eye and sunset in the background creates a warm atmosphere and reinforces that all girls are British.

During this day, we went to London to film the majority of the shots we are going to use. We first filmed all three girls singing and dancing on grass with the southbank and trees in the bakground. Although we were stared at this was a succesful shot. We had to position the camera so that all three girls could be seen and that the background could also be seen. During this shot, we use our choreographed dance for the chorus which went well. However, some times it went wrong and was out of time but we will just use the appropriate shots in our music video. The dance reinforces the idea of a stereotypical pop band.A problem that we encountered during this shot was that because the camera had to be so far away we were unable to hear my phone which had the song on it. We resolved this problem by placing the phone in my pocket.

We then went up to the bridge and filmed individual mid shots of each girl members. We all stood on the bridge with the thames in the background however, we stood at different places so that the background was not identical and too ordinary.

We then filmed us all lying on the grass and looking up towards the camera however this does not suit with the other shots so we are not planning to use it. During this day we also filmed a large amount of cutaways which were all very succesful.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Construction Day Four

Next, we went to the location of Morden hall park and filmed the bridge section. This is where each female band member meets eachother. The bridge is an important part of the music video due to the fact that it introduces the three girls friendship and friendship is a main theme within our video and song. The photo above shows libby and charlie setting up the camera. We had to make sure that the tripod was carefully placed as it was placed on concrete and so if unsteady the camera could fall and break. Additionally, we wanted to place the camera in an appropriate place so not in the way of passers by and also we wanted to show the landscape of trees and the white house behind the bridge in order to emphasise the concept of colour.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Construction Day Three

Today we filmed our green screen shots. Firstly, we had to set up the green screen which was a time constraint due to the fact that it contains a lot more equipment than we expected.  It also takes up a lot of room. 

Here is an image of Charlie setting up the lights, we only had two lights whereas usually three are needed. So as a result we had to work with two lights as if it were three which caused a bit of difficulty. As we can see, Charlie is positioning the light at a correct angle as we wanted as little shadows as possible because otherwise we would have to edit them out on Premier which is difficult to do.


After we had set up the green screen we had to position the camera, tripod, lights and member of group in the correct place. The green screen required a lot of teamwork but it was a very successful day. 

Here is a screenshot of Miss Melody performing in the first photograph. This proves that we have continuously adhered to our genre by using bright colours and we also thought about the Rule of Thirds for our Mise en scene. We faced some technical difficulties when filming, however, we over came them by working quickly and efficiently as a group.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Construction Day Two

These are the shots that we filmed during our second day. We decided to re-do the shots of myself because they were not focused. Again, we used my house as the location. First we filmed me waking up, which was successful. However, then we filmed an extreme close up of me putting lip gloss on which was not focused due to how close the camera was. So, we decided to film a different action, as a result we thought spraying perfume on the chest and neck was very feminine and very stereotypical for a teenage girl. This was successful as it was in focus and works well with the music as within the music there is a subtle spray noise which links with the spray of the perfume. 

Construction Day One

These are the shots that we had planned to film for our storyboards and we filmed them in the correct location. During periods 1-3 we went to my house and filmed shots from a variety of angles in accordance to the different light on each girls face. We thought that Libby's and Maddie's shots were well focused however, we believed that my shots needed to be in more focus. We found using the camera quite simple once we got used to it however, it was sometimes difficult to set up the tripod as there was not enough floor space so we had to make sure the tripod was not on an angle as that would of resulted with a non straight shot. We filmed each of us participating in stereo typical female activities such as brushing hair, applying mascara and spraying perfume. The location were bright pink rooms which were ideal for our story line of three teenage girls. To improve these shots I believe that we could make them more focused.

Monday, 21 October 2013

15. Talent release forms

Talent release forms are used in order to justify the fact that an individual as allowed themselves to be shown in a video. Me, Libby and Maddie have all signed our own talent release forms due to the fact that we are allowing ourselves to be shown in the music video. If a talent release form has not been completed a company can be sued. 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

12. Advert designs

This is my advert design  I have positioned all members of the group in the centre to highlight their importance and high status within the album and perhaps the music industry. I have placed the name of the group at the top and the name of the album in the bottom to indicate they are both needed to create the group,(in the middle) I have used bright colours as a background to create the idea of a rainbow, therefore happiness and pleasure and also due to the fact that our concept is colour. I have wrote Miss Melody is elegant handwriting to indicate the female power withiin the group. 

This is Charlies advert design. He has also positioned all three girls in the centre in order to emphasise their high status and importance within both the album and perhaps the music industry. He has created the three girls members as wearing bright and vibrant clothing in order to indicate our concept of colour. Additionally, all thee girls are holding hands to suggest that they have a strong bond within both their friendship and their band. He has used different coloured fonts to reinforce the concept of colour and has used bubble writing to create a friendly, girly atmosphere.

This is Libby's advert design. She has positioned all three girls in the centre in the centre of the image but she chose to have the girls more close to the camera perhaps to emphasise their clothing, facial expressions or body language. Additionally, this could be to suggest their big impact? The name of the band is in an italic, girly font to highlight that the album is targeted towards females. The girls have been placed on a white background to emphasise their bright and vibrant clothing. 

Friday, 18 October 2013

14. Location Permission Letter

These are emails my group has sent to Morden Hall Park, London South Bank and Brighton, the locations we're planning to use for our music video. A location permission letter is needed to gain permission from the places we're planning to film in to avoid issues with when filming our music video.

16. Track Permission Letter

These are emails my group has sent to EMI, Innocent Records and Virgin Records, the record labels who have signed Atomic Kitten. A track permission letter is needed to gain permission from the record label to avoid copyright issues with the label, so we are able to film our music video without hassle.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

11. CD cover designs

This was my CD cover design plan. I focused on the idea of colour and freedom. I named the album released to create the idea of being let free. I used a balloon prop frequently as it can portray the image of freedom easily. I used bright colours to emphasize our concept and showed all three artists due to the fact that it is very stereotypical for a pop CD.

This is Charlie's choice for a CD cover. He has focused on the idea of flashing lights and bright colours to emphasise the boldness and bright and positive attitudes of the band. The bright lights could also suggest a 'red carpet image' which as a result suggests the idea of fame. 

This is Libby's idea for a CD cover. She has focused on the idea of bright patterns such as the polka dots. Additionally, she has used images which portray females very stereotypically such as lips with lip-gloss or lipstick on and painted nails. 

All our ideas features all three members of the band and focus on the idea of bright colours and bright patterns. We have now decided to change the name of our band from Threedom to Miss Melody, as it relates to music, has catchy alliteration and sounds innocent.