Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Construction Day One

These are the shots that we had planned to film for our storyboards and we filmed them in the correct location. During periods 1-3 we went to my house and filmed shots from a variety of angles in accordance to the different light on each girls face. We thought that Libby's and Maddie's shots were well focused however, we believed that my shots needed to be in more focus. We found using the camera quite simple once we got used to it however, it was sometimes difficult to set up the tripod as there was not enough floor space so we had to make sure the tripod was not on an angle as that would of resulted with a non straight shot. We filmed each of us participating in stereo typical female activities such as brushing hair, applying mascara and spraying perfume. The location were bright pink rooms which were ideal for our story line of three teenage girls. To improve these shots I believe that we could make them more focused.

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