Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Construction Day Five

We took this photo for the cd cover as we believe it is very stereotypical for a pop girl band. We are all lying close in order to create the theme of friendship. I think that an interesting outcome this photo has, is that all our hair links together which suggests a strong bond between all three girls. The grass emphasises our main concept of colour due to the fact that it is bright and stands out.
This is an image of London, we chose London because it has a busy and vibrant atmosphere. It is full of colour and inspiration which is exactly what our song is all about. Fortunately, the day we filmed was perfect weather for our song as you can see from this photo.

These are two images that we could potentially use for our advert design. Both photos show all three girls members with direct eye contact to the camera which creates a connection to the audience. All girls are smiling which creates the idea of a happy and upbeat album. Additionally, the London eye and sunset in the background creates a warm atmosphere and reinforces that all girls are British.

During this day, we went to London to film the majority of the shots we are going to use. We first filmed all three girls singing and dancing on grass with the southbank and trees in the bakground. Although we were stared at this was a succesful shot. We had to position the camera so that all three girls could be seen and that the background could also be seen. During this shot, we use our choreographed dance for the chorus which went well. However, some times it went wrong and was out of time but we will just use the appropriate shots in our music video. The dance reinforces the idea of a stereotypical pop band.A problem that we encountered during this shot was that because the camera had to be so far away we were unable to hear my phone which had the song on it. We resolved this problem by placing the phone in my pocket.

We then went up to the bridge and filmed individual mid shots of each girl members. We all stood on the bridge with the thames in the background however, we stood at different places so that the background was not identical and too ordinary.

We then filmed us all lying on the grass and looking up towards the camera however this does not suit with the other shots so we are not planning to use it. During this day we also filmed a large amount of cutaways which were all very succesful.

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