Monday, 11 November 2013

Construction Day Three

Today we filmed our green screen shots. Firstly, we had to set up the green screen which was a time constraint due to the fact that it contains a lot more equipment than we expected.  It also takes up a lot of room. 

Here is an image of Charlie setting up the lights, we only had two lights whereas usually three are needed. So as a result we had to work with two lights as if it were three which caused a bit of difficulty. As we can see, Charlie is positioning the light at a correct angle as we wanted as little shadows as possible because otherwise we would have to edit them out on Premier which is difficult to do.


After we had set up the green screen we had to position the camera, tripod, lights and member of group in the correct place. The green screen required a lot of teamwork but it was a very successful day. 

Here is a screenshot of Miss Melody performing in the first photograph. This proves that we have continuously adhered to our genre by using bright colours and we also thought about the Rule of Thirds for our Mise en scene. We faced some technical difficulties when filming, however, we over came them by working quickly and efficiently as a group.

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