Wednesday, 9 October 2013

9. Location Shots

The first shots will be showing each girl waking up to a 'new day'. Each girl will wake up in a bright-coloured stereotypical girls room pink, tidy etc. These shots and this location helps introduce the characters and creates ideas for their individual personalities. We will add stereotypical props to reinforce the idea of a young teenage girls room for example, make up, straighteners and photo frames. The bright colours within each room introduce our concept of colour.



My group are planning on using the bridge in the music video, as that will be the location where the girls in my group's pop band will meet up, just before they begin lip-syncing to the song. We plan to film shots that feature the bridge early in the morning, as that is the most likely time where the sun will be shining, making the day brighter. This is good for a conventional pop music video, as brightness and vibrancy are typically featured in conventional music videos. The fact that the girls are being shown meeting up with one another creates the idea of their close friendship.

We are planning to use London as one of our locations due to the fact that London represents energy and excitement so we thought it would be the perfect place to portray 'the best day'. London is full of trees and colour so we thought this would reinforce our concept of colour. Additionally, we would use London as a location during the night due to the fact that London 'lights up' at night with the London eye, tree lights and carousel etc.

Additionally, we are planning to use Brighton as one of our locations due the fact that Brighton is a happy and exciting environment. Furthermore, Brighton is full of vibrant and brightly coloured attractions. We would be using both the beach and the pier and would emphasise the carousel and the helter skelter.

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