Friday, 31 January 2014

Construction Day: Ancillary Task

Whilst editing we have also had to focus on our ancillary task. Our ancillary task is made up of a cd cover and advert design. We decided as a group that both our CD cover and advert design should be bright, colourful and vibrant due to the fact that we are aiming to be a stereotypical teenage girl pop band. 

For the CD cover, we wanted to focus primarily on the idea of nature and the brightness and colour that is portrayed within nature. We chose the image of us three lying on the grass and facing up towards the camera due to the fact that it is from an interesting angle and we convey an interesting shape. Additionally all our hair is linked together which could suggest our close friendship and bond with one another. We then chose the font 'Fiolex girls' due to the fact that it was in a neat, feminine handwriting.  For our back cover we chose an image that Libby had taken whilst on a plane. It shows the sky and a large amount of clouds. We chose this as our back cover to create the idea that this is what we were looking at in the front cover. We then chose an image of a pair of bright, patterned heels against the green grass this suggests femininity.

For the second cover we wanted to choose another image of all the band. However, this time from a mid shot angle. We were unsure about which image but decided on an image from London. We then edited the image on 'Pic monkey' and created a pink background and positioned white faded hearts on top of the background. This created a girly outlook.

To finish the second cover we needed to find an image in which we were going to place the cd on top of and an image that would be positioned next to it. For the CD position we chose an image of a flower due to the fact that it was in a similar shape to a CD and corresponded well with the rest of the CD cover and linked well to nature. For the other image we chose a patterned top due to the fact that it was bright and the idea of clothes and 'going shopping' links well with a teenage girl lifestyle.

For the advert design we wanted to create the idea of three girls becoming one as a result of a friendship. Moreover, we focused on the idea that each three girls had different characteristics but that is what made them bond. So we set up a photo shoot against a white backdrop. Once taking the image we experimented with Photoshop and edited the brightness, contrast and saturation.

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