Tuesday, 11 February 2014

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?


This video reflects the views and opinions of the audience. We chose five different individuals, four males and one female, between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. We chose this particular age group because we wanted to portray our target audience of teenagers. Receiving feedback is a key concept within finalizing a music video due to the fact that the producers, or in our case our group, want to know about what they have successfully achieved and what they can improve on in the future. 

From our audience feedback, we learnt a numerous amount of things such as things we need to improve on and things that went well.  Before choosing who we were going to ask we first had to decide what questions we were going to ask. The questions needed to be appropriate and not too detailed in order to get a range of answers. We wanted to know what the audience liked about our music video? Whether the bright colours and mise en scene corresponded with the rest of the video well? Whether we were conventional of other girl pop bands? And what we could improve on? 

Through our feedback, we learnt that favourite sections of the music video included the slow motion jump, the choreographed dance and movements such as the kick and the cutaways within London. Additionally, we learnt that our bright colours and use of costumes allowed to audience to visually realise that it was a pop music video. Another thing we learnt was that the audience felt that our music video and presentation of the members of the group were conventional of other pop bands. We believed that this was successful feedback due to the fact that we wanted to portray a conventional and stereotypical female pop band. Our final question involved finding out what we could improve on and our audience feedback taught us that we could use a more variety of angles and more enthusiasm within the performance. 

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