Wednesday, 11 September 2013

11. Genre research 2

Kate Nash - Foundations (Female Pop Artist)
Foundations is an extremely conventional pop music video due to a number of reasons. It cuts to the beat of the music frequently so each transition from shot to shot is on a certain beat within the music. This is very stereotypical of a pop music video, it makes it look more neat. I think that cutting to the beat of the music makes the music video better as it looks well-made and well-prepared. Cutting to the beat also makes the story line easier to understand and interpret. 
                                                        Additionally, Kate Nash is regularly shown lip syncing to the lyrics of the song which is another convention of a pop music video. Whilst, she is lip syncing she usually stares directly into the camera this makes the audience feel more involved. Due to the fact, that this song is about her wanting to break up with a boy when shes staring into the camera, it could be the idea that shes getting recognition from all the other females that are having struggles in relationships. 
Furthermore, this music video, like many other pop music videos, has a narrative as well as the artist performing. Due to the fact that the song is about wanting to break up with a boy but not being able to, we are shown clips of 'Kate Nash' and a man not getting on very well. For example, in this clip we are shown one of them letting go of the other hands and also kicking one another whilst in bed. These are small signs of people not getting on. The director has shown these signs using certain shots and only showing a certain body part i.e hands and feet. I believe that this is to suggest that this situation happens to everyone not just these specific people. 
Something that is very conventional for any music video is a change of location. Change of location creates a more interesting outlook and makes the audience feel more involved. A change of location can also make the video more exciting. In this clip, we are shown her sitting on the stairs and then in a room and then in the kitchen making a cake. These clips change to one another quickly and sharply which makes the location change seem more in a flow. 
Something that I think makes this music video more unique is the fact that they use quick shots of day to day objects, such as watches, to show a relationship or connection. This is not very stereotypical for a pop music video however I think it creates more of an impression on the audience.

Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl (Male Pop Artist)
This is another very stereotypical and conventional pop music video showing Justin Bieber seeing a girl who he likes at a launderette and then finding her scarf. He then makes her find him and the scarf by going to different places with notes from him such as a florist and a pet shop. She then finds him and they dance together. This is a very stereotypical narrative for a pop music video and most pop music videos are about 'love'. This video cuts to the beat less frequently than Kate Nash's video but still cuts the beat of the music at certain times to create a more sleek look. We are first shown Justin lip syncing whilst facing the camera directly, this could be to signify that he means what he is singing and also to appeal to his female audience as his clear eye contact suggests he is staring at them. He also does a small dance which is stereotypical for a pop music video. He is wearing bright colours and a hoodie, the bright colours to imply that the song creates a happy atmosphere as it is about finding 'the one' and the hoodie to represent the teenage generation.
We are next introduced to the female character that Justin is singing about. She is slim, pretty and wearing fashionable clothing. This girl is what the female audience would aspire to be like. We are now shown a short clip of the narrative as the girl enters the launderette and Justin is sitting with his guitar. They share glances between one another and then it cuts to Justin, but not in the narrative. He is still in the same costume and location but he is now lip syncing whilst playing his guitar, this could be to suggest that in his head he wants to sing all these lyrics to her but is too embarrassed. 
Throughout the music video, we cut between the narrative (the girl finding all the notes and finally finding Justin) and Justin performing (lip syncing and dancing). Justin regularly sings directly to the camera to attract his female audience and to make his audience relate to the situation he is going through.
We are now shown both a change of costume and location. Justin has gone from a friendly neighbourhood to dark lighting with bright lights hanging from the ceiling, this creates a more romantic and private surrounding which indicates he is meeting the girl here. He has also changed from his bright coloured hoodie and jeans to a white suit, this is a much more formal approach and also makes him look alot older.

Little Mix - Wings (Pop Band)
Little Mix are a girl pop band that consist of four members. This song is about not giving up on what you want to achieve and what you believe is right. This video is stereotypical and conventional in the fact that it cuts to the beat almost every beat due to the fact that it is a very up-beat and fast temp song. 
The camerawork in this music video is very exciting. It varies between the typical close ups and long shots and then additionally uses a split screen showing all four members of the band at once performing in seperate locations and outlined by squares. This creates a more cliche outlook towards the girls and a more efficient appearance of the music video. 
This video includes bright and vibrant colours to create that positive attitude of 'doing what you want to do'. The bright colours also make the girls stand out and indicate that they are proud of their music and eachother. 
Throughout the video there is also both a location and costume change which is very conventional for a pop music video. At the end of the video all four members dance to a choreographed dance which is a convention of a pop music video. The choreography also links to the lyrics as the movements are exaggerated and strong. 

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