Saturday, 31 August 2013

6. Conventions of a music video

Lip-syncing is a main convention of music videos due to the fact that the artists sometimes have to dance which can result in their singing changing, therefore they record the song before and then lip-sync to create that cliche, perfect sound.

This is an example of lip syncing in Cher Lloyd's - Swagger Jagger music video.

Close ups of artist are frequently used in music videos in order to show the facial expressions of the artists.

Long shots are also used in order to emphasise the artists body language. Additionally, long shots are used to show choreography.

Location change is regularly used within music videos to change the atmosphere, mood or to make the visual outlook more exciting.


Montage editing is editing which cuts to the beat and is stereotypically used for music videos to create a more sleek result. 

This is an example of montage editing in Ellie Gouldings - Starry-eyed music video. 

Costume change is regularly used within music videos to show a change of mood or change in location. 

Aswell as the artist performing (singing, dancing or playing instruments) narratives are frequently used within music videos in order to make the lyrics or meaning the song more easy to understand. The narrative also makes the video more exciting. 

Many artists make eye contact with the camera in order to connect to their target audience and their fans. 

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