Saturday, 31 August 2013

7. Low Budget Ideas

Analysing Imogen Heap - A-Ha
This music video shows a young girl witnessing and participating in a number of strange and dramatic events. We are first shown a black and white long shot showing a silhouette in a forest bending on their knees, in a 'werewolf' manner. This immediately creates a sinister outlook towards the rest of the video. We are then shown an extreme close up of a young girl wearing thick eyeliner which suggests a stereotypical goth or punk.This then reinforces the idea of sinister and creepy atmosphere. The girl is staring directly into the camera which could be to make the audience feel uncomfortable or she could be 
looking out for 'help'. We are then shown a high angle shot showing two feminine hands which have red nail varnish on them, firstly they are apart and then we are shown them being tied up by a knot. This creates a scary atmosphere.

Throughout the video a small amount of colour is shown as most shots are in black and white this could be to create a more dark effect. However, we are frequently shown one particular colour and that colour is red. The colour red could symbolise blood and stands out  from the black and white. 
We are shown a pair of hands with red nail varnish which have already been shown however they were previously shown tied in knots and are now shown in black and white with only the red nail varnish as colour which could suggest death. Next, we are shown an extreme close up of a pair lips in black and white however the lips are red to create a 'sexy' character.

Throughout the video we are shown a number of different ways of performing. We are shown the artist lip syncing, instruments being played and dancers. We are shown a close up of a pair of hands with nail varnish playing a piano. We are then shown a close up of someone playing a red violin and then we are shown two female characters dancing. However, the speed is increased and the dancers look very chaotic which could reinforce to the theme of disaster that is suggested throughout the video.

The fix - Just Got Paid

The first shot is a long shot of pure darkness and then one by one and in match with the beat four lights come in showing five outlines of five male bodies. 
The lights create the idea that they are performing live which could suggest that the music is 'real'. We are then shown a close up of a boy with long blonde hair. 
He is staring directly into the camera which
makes the audience feel more involved and would attract female audience members. I think it is effective how they have added the MTV logo advertisement as it makes it seem like a real music video.

We are then shown a change of location and a change of costume this is very stereotypical for a pop music video, so this group has chose to follow these two certain conventions. They have changed from a dark location with bright lights to a posh smart-looking house. They have also changed from casual clothing into suits. 
We are frequently shown all five boys together to enforce the idea of them as band, a strong band. Additionally, we are shown the band dancing to a unison choreography which is very stereotypical for a boy pop music video.
At the end, we are shown all five members in the location that we saw from the start standing altogether and staring directly into the camera which I think is a very effective shot.

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